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Kathy Choiniere

James Choiniere

Kathy is co-owner  of Excellent Journey Pictures, LLC, and is the business brain of the company. As the Executive Producer on "Reconciled", she gathered and enabled a talented team to produce a high quality short film..


Kathy’s career in the entertainment industry began in 1998. Prior to that time, she was utilizing her high-level analytical skills as a senior case manager for a major health insurer where quick interpretation of information and prompt problem solving was the norm.  Kathy’s baccalaureate degree in the sciences has been the solid foundation that is needed for the management of a production company. She has utilized principles of financial management, psychology, growth and development, leadership, and stress management learned during her undergraduate years to assist her in turning Excellent Journey Pictures into an up and coming Production Company, ready to become a leader in the entertainment industry.


Kathy became enthralled with the entertainment industry when her partner, James, asked her to assist him in making an industrial video for his employer. She began her entertainment career at that time as a producer’s assistant on a few industrial videos and quickly transitioned into the theatrical world.  Kathy has held many positions on set including camera operator, camera assist, teleprompter operator, production assistant, Craft Services, grip, cord wrangler, and much more. After spending multiple hours on sets, Kathy became an associate producer on a music video.  Finding that she has a gift for detail, she quickly found herself taking on more and more producing duties.


    After serving as an associate producer for multiple music and promotional videos, Kathy then became an associate producer on a religious cable television program where she had occasion to take on the producing duties for quite a few of the episodes. She transitioned into film producing, beginning in that arena with a short film competition in January of 2004.  Since that time, she has produced four other short film projects, one of which was a finalist in a film festival, and a promotional video.  Kathy’s crowning achievement to date is as Producer of the short film, “Bag” which was submitted in 2007 to the 168 Hour Film Festival.  She received an award from Judge Ralph Winter, Producer of the X-Men films and The Fantastic Four, for Best Comedy and also received the Audience Choice award.


  Her current film, "Reconciled" is nominated for "Best Dramatic Short" in the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival.

James (Jim), co-owner of Excellent Journey Pictures, serves as Managing Member and Producer for Excellent Journey Pictures.  He will assist Kathy on all high-level negotiations and contract establishments with outside key executives, associates and prominent entities in the entertainment industry.


James’ extensive background as a leadership management and organizational development trainer for the United States Air Force (he trained the Senior Leadership of the combined services [Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines] of the Special Ops Command) as well as for the largest private university in Minnesota will provide EJP with strong leadership, communication, planning and execution skills necessary to keep the machine of Excellent Journey Pictures moving forward and on track.


As the Writer-Director on Warrior’s Eve, James has been intimately involved with the story from its conception and will lead his team of creative filmmakers to capture the heart and soul of the story on film.  Passionately making things happen with excellence has been his earmark.


James began his search for his niche in the entertainment industry in college.  Changing majors became a full time job and he managed to graduate with a minor in multi-media presentations.  Not knowing how to translate that to a job in Minnesota, he returned to the Air Force to finish his 20 years of service.  His film career began in 1998 in Minnesota as a film student at the University of St. Thomas’ film school.  He Produced/Directed many industrial films and documentaries while at the University. Following his relocation to California in 2000 James immediately enrolled in a year long course in Line Producing while developing his writing skills. His first job opportunity came quite soon and he garnered the job of UPM on the feature film, Coincidence.


Since that time, James has produced, directed, and edited numerous promotional pieces and shorts as well as producing a weekly multi-camera religious cable TV show. Passionate about the filmmaking industry he has worked virtually every crew position, personally learning each function of the filmmaking process. He has worked as director of photography and as an editor on many projects. James’ greatest talent lies in his directing ability for which he has multiple credits. Although his early focus was on expanding his expertise in the technical aspect of directing, he has spent much time enhancing and building his ability to obtain great performances from his actors. His collaborative spirit and attention to detail creates an environment where magic happens.  James has studied most recently with Judith Weston (Directing Actors; The Director’s Intuition).


His  recent credits includes the directing of EJPs first documentary film, “Chasing Trains”.  In the theatrical film arena, he has most recently written, produced, and co-edited "Reconciled" which  is nominated for "Best Dramatic Short" in the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival.